We're back!

     After being on a 10-year hiatus, we rejoined the farming community!  Our story began quite a way back, first being involved in the creation of Appleberry Cove Farm in NC, then founding Lunashower LaManchas before the herd was dispersed to follow military orders across the globe. Irish Blessing was formally established in 2019 as a fulfillment of the promise to return to the farm after our service days came to an end. It's been a long and adventurous road, but we've finally come full circle. We can't wait to see how far this journey will take us!

     While Irish Blessing itself is young, our dairy goat experience has deep roots. From growing up on a dairy goat farm, to being employed at two separate, licensed dairies as a goat "midwife" and animal care worker. These experiences drove our desire to seek productivity and longevity in our foundation animals. Our aspirations led us to acquire our first animals from the esteemed Lucky*Star herd. Our herd goals are to breed animals that are structurally sound and capable of maintaining heavy milk production for many years without negative affect on their health. Correct confirmation is integral to such production demands. You will not find trend breeding here. We strive for milky animals who produce for many years healthfully and retire at a ripe, old age.