This page is dedicated to the masculine side of the barn. Any bucks currently in our herd will be listed here, while former herdsires can be found on the Reference Page. Also, our spoiled wether has his own little blurb on this page so he's not left out

* B (p) Kastdemur's Adhradh 2-29-24 DNA pending

    In our small herd, we have to change sires frequently, usually every two or three years. When we started considering our next sire, we wanted to try something a little different, while not straying too far from the traits we value. After some looking, we found what we wanted in the lovely Kastdemur herd! We admired J'Adore from the first photo we saw of her, especially her eschuteon height, foreudder length, and impressive first lactation. We put in a reservation and waited anxiously. J'Adore obliged us, giving us a choice of bucklings, and Adhradh caught our eye instantly. He has big expectations to meet but we are greatly pleased with him and can't wait for his first kids! Adhradh (pronounced Ira) means "admiration" or the act of admiring, and we thought it a fitting tribute to his dam.

Photos of J'Adore, Wicked, Bombay, Belmont, and Bristol courtesy of Kastdemur's LaManchas

*B (p) Irish Blessing LK Sean AI 3-20-24 A/A Casein by parentage, DNA pending

     Sean is a kid we had been trying for three years to get but everything from CVV to a cross country move had blocked until fall of 2023. Holly gave us a giant single boy, and while we had hoped for a doe, the genes of this cross are what we wanted. Sean is a snazzy buckling, being wonderfully wide and long bodied. Not many bucks can claim that both his grandmothers were Top Ten three times, each! We are hopeful he will pass his family's line of heavy milk production and longevity in structure. 

    Photos of Zaray, Kolossus, Vivian, and Johansen courtesy of Lucky*Star

*B (p) Irish Blessing RK Scealai 3-30-24 DNA pending 

    Scealai (sh-kale-ee) means "Storyteller" as a tribute to his beloved mother. He is the last son of Fable since she is now retired, and will be retained until collection. Afterwards he will be available for $600. More info coming soon. 

Irish Blessing LL Abraham 5-25-2022 AGS wether registered 

    Abe was our last baby born in New Jersey and he ended up being a spoiled pet we just couldn't part with. Now he is a companion animal for our llama, who adores him, and any bucks we have. While Abe has no other accolades outside of being a doted on freeloader, we love him and are happy he's part of the four legged family.