Breedings & Sales

Breeding Due
Naoise x TBD Planned fall 2024
Niamh x Sean Planned fall 2024
Seadna x ??? May be bred fall 2024
Holly x AI buck Planned fall 2024
Fable --- Retired
Peigi x TBD Planned fall 2024
Reena x TBD Planned fall 2024
#=confirmed pregnant by ultrasound ^=estimated number of kids by ultrasound

     Kidding season has ended! We are down to our last kid for sale from our 2024 season. Check out the handsome young man below or contact us for more information!

      We require a $100 deposit to reserve kids. We don't accept reservations for wethers at this time. Wethers will be available for $75 before 10 weeks old and $100+ after 10 weeks, contingent on size and age. Please see the Information Page before making a kid reservation.

Thank you everyone who purchased from us in 2024! Best of luck with your critters!