Until ADGA gets their severely backlogged performance programs updated, all show awards, milking stars, and appraisal scores are "pending." Actual milk records can be viewed on the CDCB website, and upon request, we can provide copies of our 2023 appraisal scores, verification tests, and any show awards in the future. This also applies to the 2022 DNA results still waiting for upload. We understand how frustrating this is for everyone, please do not hesitate in contacting us if you have any questions. We do not currently participate in many AGS programs, though that may change in the future. 

GCH (p) 5*M (p) Lucky*Star's RD Fable 3-20-2015 A/A Casein & DNA ~AGS dual registered *D with AGS

     Fable is our powerhouse doe. Large and deep bodied, she's an eye-catcher for her outstanding general appearance and solid productivity. She is nearly ideal to what we desire in a dairy goat and the only things we’d like to change on her are lengthening her teats a tiny bit and adding more angulation to her rear legs. As of summer 2021, she earned the last two legs for her championship! Way to go Fable! Also in 2021, Fable met the ADGA point requirements to earn her milking star. The icing on the performance cake was her appraisal score summer 2023! Even as an 8 year old, she's still got it. Fable has nothing more to prove to us and is now semi-retired. 

     Show record:
6x 1st, 1x 2nd, 2x SrGCH, 1x JrGCH, 1x SrRGCH

     DHIR Lactations:
2021 ~ 305 DIM 3,287lbs. 3.0%BF 3.2%P.

2022 ~ 493 DIM 4,600lbs. 3.1%BF 3.2%P.(extended lactation)

2023 ~ 302 DIM 1,897lbs 3.9%BF 3.6% P.

2024 ~

     LA: 8-04 92 EEEE (E in head, shoulders, front legs, back, & rump) ~4th generation doe to score 92!

    Fable was bred to Mack and kidded 3/30 with quads. Sadly 2 were DOA. The live kids, 1 retained doe, 1 buck are currently retained. These kids will be A/A or A/E casein. We will not breed Fable again, she is now retired. 

Pictures of Draco, Epic, Acclaim, and kid Fable courtesy of Lucky*Star Lamanchas

5*M (p) Lucky*Star's ME Holly Hunter 2-10-2016 A/A Casein & DNA ~AGS dual registered *D with AGS

     Holly is our mischievous “pocket” goat. She is very personable and always looking for something she can open or get into. She has a beautiful head which only seems to emphasize her elfishness. Holly is a smaller doe who did not fully mature into the glamour her famous family is known for. Despite this, she is wide and broad chested with a long, wide rump and loads of dairy strength. But her best feature is her mammary. Her snug fore udder accentuated by her butter soft udder texture and heavy production. We would like to see a more smoothly blended neck and a more level rump slope. In her lactation for 2021, Holly met the ADGA points requirements to earn her milking star.

     DHIR Lactations:

2021 ~ 322 DIM 3,588lbs. 3.4%BF 3.2%P.

2022 ~ 169 DIM 1,517lbs. 3.8%BF 3.2%P. (Dried off early for move)

2023 ~ 325 DIM 2,420lbs 3.8%BF 3.5%P.

2024 ~

     LA: 7-05 89 VVVE

     Holly is AI bred to *B Lucky*Star's TD Kolossus (see Reference Page) and kidded 3/20 with a single buckling. He is retained. 

Pictures of Vivian, Elmsley, Johansen, kid Holly, and Raquel courtesy of Lucky*Star LaManchas. Picture of Henning courtesy of Whimsy Oak LaManchas

1*M (p) Irish Blessing LL Mairead 4-13-2020 A/A Casein & DNA ~AGS dual registered 

     Being our only doe kid in 2020 and the very first animal to carry the Irish Blessing herd name, Mairead is pretty special. Pronounced mur-aid, her name is the Irish form of Margaret. She excels in width/length/levelness of rump, long bone pattern, and dairyness. She also has her dam’s lovely rear leg angulation. Mairead has been very growthy and large, albeit gangly, for her age and exhibited a very precocious mammary from birth. We would like to see a more correct type nose and more milk production to match her very large frame. Mairead struggled with subclinical mastitis during our move and sadly is now uneven. While her show career is over, we hope she will continue performance success through milk testing. 

     Show Record:
1x 1st, 3x 2nd, 1x JrRGCH 

         DHIR Lactations:
2022 ~ 201 DIM 1,217lbs. 3.9%BF 
3.5% P. (Dried off early for move)
2023 ~ 330 DIM 1,848lbs 4.5%BF 3.8%P. 
(on extended lactation, not drying off for 2024)

     LA: 2-04 83 VGEG (E in back & rear legs)
      3-03 88 EVVV, with half an udder! (E in shoulders, rear legs, back, & rump)

     Mairead will be available to a pet/non-breeding home this year as we shift the focus of our herd. $150.

6*M (p) Irish Blessing LL Naoise 3-25-21 A/A Casein & DNA ~AGS dual registered

    Naoise is an elegant and growthy sundgau doe. We are very pleased with her and very hopeful for her future development. Naoise (pronounced nee-sha) means "warrior." She has a very wide rump, especially over the thurls and the best shoulder assembly in the herd! As a freshened doe, we love her udder texture, medial suspensory ligament, and width of udder arch. We also appreciate her added overall length as an improvement over her dam. We'd like to see a bit more depth of rear rib and more foreudder extension at this time. Naoise was DNA typed in 2022 and emailed proof of completion is in our possession, but has not been uploaded into ADGA's NG program. We have no estimate for the timeline and until it is, her offspring will not show full parent verification. 

     Show Record:
2x 1st, 1x 2nd, 1x 3rd, 2x JrCH

     DHIR Lactations:

2023 ~ 303 DIM 1,887lbs 4.4%BF 3.5%P. 

2024 ~ In Progress!

     LA: 2-03 87 EVVG (E in shoulders, rump, & back)

     Naoise was bred AI to +*B Rockin-CB RY Zoren (see Reference Page) and kidded with triplet buck kids. They are beautiful and one of them is available. These kids are half brothers to the 2021 National Champion *These kids are not AGS eligible due to Zoren's American status*

6*M (p) Irish Blessing LL Niamh 4-28-21 A/A Casein & DNA ~AGS dual registered

     Truly a blessing for 2021, Fable kidded with triplet does and this little one was quickly claimed by our children as the favorite, cementing her place on our farm. Niamh (pronounced neev) means radiance and we feel it suits her. "Wide" is the best description for Niamh's structure. She is very wide in her chest, rump, and space between her rear legs. She also boasts lovely breed character. As a newly freshened doe, we love her udder texture, snug foreudder, and lateral attachments! We'd like to see more overall length and height to her size, and more correctly pointing, larger teats. Niamh was DNA typed in 2022 and emailed proof of completion is in our possession, but has not been uploaded into ADGA's NG program. We have no estimate for the timeline and until it is, her offspring will not show full parent verification

     DHIR Lactations:

2023 ~ 316 DIM 1,641lbs 4.4%BF 3.7%P. 

2024 ~ 

     LA: 2-03 84 GGGV (E in rear legs and head)

     Niamh had been AI bred to *B Rockin-CB AAM Nile (reference page) and is due April 26th. First doe kid is retained. All other kids will be available. 

Irish Blessing LL Peigi 4-14-22 A/A Casein & DNA ~AGS dual registered

     Peigi is a cute and personable doe from an accidental father/daughter breeding. However, the results weren't terrible! She has a higher, wider escutcheon arch than her dam, a more breed correct head, and those maternal line excellent rear legs. We would like her to have a more level rump slope and overall size. Our children became attached to Peigi and her adorable "milk" drizzle face; and with no planned keeper kids born for 2022, we decided she will remain here for the time being. Peigi (pronounce pey-gee) is the Irish version of Peggie. Peigi was DNA typed in 2022 and emailed proof of completion is in our possession but has not been uploaded into ADGA's NG program. We have no estimate for the timeline and until it is, her offspring will not show full parent verification.

     DHIR Lactations: 

2024 ~

  Peigi kidded 4/04 with twin bucks. Both are available as wethers. Peigi had an unfortunate mishap while pregnant and is seeking a retirement home after she recovers from kidding. $150 non-breeding/pet home only!

Irish Blessing RK Rioghnach 2-19-23 A/A Casein & DNA ~AGS dual registered 

     Rioghnach was our keeper of the beautiful twin does Holly presented this year. Rioghnach (pronounced ree-oh-nuh) means queenly, and we agree with the regal air of this little girl. She is tall and growthy with incredible natural width between her rear legs. She has great depth of body for her age and improved strength of bone over her dam. We are especially excited about her escutcheon arch! We would like to see a more level rump slope at this time. Don't let her sweet face fool you, Rioghnach is just like her mother; mischievous and into everything within reach.

     DHIR Lactations:

2024 ~

    Reena was bred to Linden (reference page) and shocked us with triplets on 3/30. Her two bucks are available, one as a wether, one as either a buck or wether, and her doe is retained. These kids are A/A casein by parentage.


Irish Blessing RK Roisin Dubh 2-19-23 A/A Casein & DNA ~AGS dual registered 

     "Teeny," as she is called here, was not an expected keeper, but when our intended keeper kids weren't born, we felt Reena needed a penmate and kept one of Naoise's beauties. She earned her nickname from being the smallest baby born, at only 5lbs. But she's well caught up now, averaging only a few pounds lighter than Reena! Roisin Dubh (row-sheen-dove) means "little black/dark rose" and we couldn't think of a better fit for this little black imp. We are appreciative of her level top line, rump width, strength of head, and her very affectionate personality. We would like to see more depth of body at this time.

     DHIR Lactations:

2024 ~

     Teeny was bred to Linden (reference page) and kidded twin does 4/01. One is retained for the time being. The other is currently unavailable.