2024 CAE/CL/Johnes test results: all herd members are negative!

     We raise our goats strictly following our CAE prevention program and blood test our herd annually; usually in January or February. Copies of the most current test results have been added for viewing below. Results from previous years are available on request. Animals under 6 months old during our test cycle will not be tested until the next session.

     As of April 2023, all our herd members have been DNA typed and Alpha s1 Casein tested. We are still waiting for the ADGA to finish uploading the results into their NG database. If you cannot find one of our current herd members in the database or have any questions, please feel free to reach out. We will be happy to share screenshots of the email exchanges we have had with the ADGA trying to resolve these issues and copies of any results we have.

     We began DHIR testing in 2021. All production/type evaluation results can be seen on our individual goat pages as they are completed. With children at home and chaotic work schedules, Linear Appraisals and shows do not always fit in our calendar but we will attend and participate as we are able and those results will be published on individual pages. 

Before purchasing from us, please read all of the following:

     New for 2024! All buck kids being sold with ADGA registration papers will have a DNA sample pulled and submitted before they leave, at no cost to the buyer. ADGA will be requiring all bucks born 2024 and beyond to have DNA on file before their offspring can be registered. Obtaining results from new submissions is currently ranging 2-6 months. This should not affect the buck's personal registration.

     Our goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) and animals we sell are registered/registrable unless otherwise stated. We also dual registere our eligible animals with the American Goat Society (AGS) and they will have it noted on their individual information bios. All applicable documents will be provided to the buyer upon completion of the sales transaction. It is the responsibility of the buyer to maintain all paperwork and registrations desired after the sale is complete. While we may be able to render assistance with lost documentation, once the animal's papers are out of our possession, we abdicated any responsibility for them. We reserve the right to cancel any sale at our discretion. Deposits are needed to reserve each individual unborn kid or any animal we hold for a buyer more than 14 days and is counted towards the total purchase price of each animal. Deposits will not be refunded unless the reserved animal isn't available. In the event that a reserved animal is unavailable, deposits may be transferred to other available animals, held over for one subsequent breeding season, or refunded at the buyer's request. We do not accept reservations for specific colors. *Buck kids will only be available as registered breeding animals from first freshening dams after we have evaluated the dam's mammary system. * Buck kids will only be available as registered breeding animals from selected does. Any other bucklings will be wethered or sold unregistered only. Any animal being sold as a wether will be neutered prior to leaving our farm, no exceptions. Wethers can be sold with ADGA or AGS wether ID certificate applications if desired. All our kids are disbudded at 3-8 days old. If the buyer desires horns, this request must be made by the day the kid is born AND the full purchase price of the kid is required at the time of the request. All transportation, testing, and health paper costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Purchase price and any veterinary/transport fees must be paid in full before any animal will leave our property, no exceptions. We follow strict disease prevention protocols. To the best of our ability and knowledge, animals leaving our property are healthy. We reserve the right to refuse the return of any animal if we feel there would be health risks to our herd by doing such. We may be willing to conduct other disease testing in addition to our routine tests upon request, at the expense of the requester.

     Discounts may be offered at the seller's discretion to ADGA/AGS/4-H/FFA youth members (with proof of membership), returning clients, and multiple animal purchases (3+). 

     We do NOT guarantee:

-*Fertility of any animal*

-Mammary system structure or productivity, especially on animals who have never freshened

-Championships, class wins, or milking awards

-Animals will grow up to meet our, or your, expectations

-Animals will never contract disease or injury themselves

-Animals will never die

*We may be willing to work with a buyer on an equal value replacement for infertile animals IF written proof from a livestock qualified veterinarian shows infertility was a congenital issue and not due to injury, illness, or diet. Bucks must be at least 6 months old, not more than 12 months; does at least 8 months, no more than 18 months for infertility assessment. Proof must be provided in a timely manner and no offspring may be registered from the animal in question. *