Reference Animals

     This page is dedicated to animals who were influential to our herd.

*B Lucky*Star's TD Kolossus (DNA typed & A/A casein) - AI sire

     Kolossus is an exciting AI sire! He was a 2018 Spotlight Sales animal (selling for $5,000) and has a star studded pedigree! His 4 generation pedigree boasts 5 Top Ten milkers, an LA average of 91, 14 of the 15 does are GCH or SGCH, 9 of the 15 bucks are GCH, 2 National Champions, 2 Reserve National Champions, multiple National class winners, as well as 4 consecutive generations of BIS wins on his maternal side. His dam, Zaray, made Top Ten three times and LA'ed 92 three times! Two of his maternal sisters (Emmaray and Barani) also made Top Ten. His sire's family needs little introduction with Daniel's esteemed Tempo and Kastdemur genetics and his gorgeous progeny across the country, making their own legacy. We are incredibly excited about the potential of this cross with our girls! Sire of Sean.

Photos of Kolossus, Daniel, Zaray, Emmaray, Barani, Kudos, and Jemma courtesy of Lucky*Star farm. Photo of Hannah courtesy of Tempo Farm. 

++*B SG Rockin-CB RY Zoren 89 VEE -AI Sire

    Zoren was a gift addition to our growing frozen collection and are we excited to have him! We are big fans his pedigree and his offspring are sensational! His dam was 1st 4 yr old at the 2006 Nationals. His paternal sisters include SGCH 3*M Lucky*Star's RY Acclaim 92 EEEE (our Fable's maternal granddam) and 3x Top Ten SGCH 4*M Lucky*Star's RY Zaray 92 EEEE. His paternal brother sired the 2019 National Champion. His own daughters include 2015 Top Ten doe Belizze, 2018 spotlight sale doe Rockin-CB Konstant Komment, and probably most notable, Haiku, the 2021 National Champion and only the 3rd LaMancha in the history of the breed to earn a LA score of 94! We can't wait to see how what he may bring to our little herd someday! Sire of Slevin, who is for sale!

Photos of Cillian, Haiku, Ceylon, Belizze, Design, and Zoren courtesy of Rockin-CB.

*B (p) Rockin-CB AAM Nile -AI Sire

     We procured a few straws of Nile from our friends over at Sunset Dreams Dairy Goats a few years ago. The intention was to breed our lovely Fable to him and we were thrilled when she settled...and then heartbroken when she miscarried after our herd was hit with CVV. We used what we had remaining of him to settle Fable's daughter, Niamh, for 2024 and that breeding gave us our first AI doe! Nile is the littermate brother of 2021 Spotlight Sale doe, Rockin-CB AAM Nebo. Their other littermate sister, Natsu, was 5th Junior kid at the 2021 Nationals. That very same show, their dam knocked it out of the park by winning National Reserve Champion/Reserve Udder behind the now infamous Haiku. Jordan also has a lovely milk record for both production and high butterfat content. Nile is the sire of Somhairlin. 

Pictures of Natsu, Jordan, Ceylon, and Magnum courtesy of Rockin-CB. Pictures of Natalie courtesy of Autumn-Acres Dairy Goats. Picture of Niles courtesy of Sunset Dreams. 

Lucky*Star's ME Hoopla 3-11-2016 A/B Casein & DNA (deceased)

     Hoopla's barn name was Ivy. She was a small doe with a big attitude and her larger, easy to milk teats made her the favorite to hand milk. Ivy had a strong medial suspensory ligament, which kept her udder well above the ground. She had a very long, wide rump and the nicest rear legs in our herd, both in angulation and in foot/pastern structure. We also appreciated her ability to milk through multi-year lactations with ease. Ivy was one of our foundation does and we are thankful for the time she was with us and we miss her.

Pictures of Elmsley, Frolic, and Cheers courtesy of Lucky*Star LaManchas.

*B Lucky*Star's RJ Linden 4-18-2019 A/A Casein & DNA ~Sold to Goodrich Farm

     Linden had the honor of being our first herdsire. He is quite a handsome gentleman, with a fabulous head, sharp shoulders, extra wide rump, wide spacing of his ribs, and low maintenance feet. His dam was 3rd 2 yr old at the 2019 Nationals and has milked tested 5.2% and 4.6% butterfat perspectively. His paternal sisters are just lovely and many are earning their milking stars as yearlings. Linden's kids have shown general improvement over their dams in width/length of rump, shoulder assembly, and rear leg angulation, as well as the majority carrying on his lovely breed character. We have also noted an increase in butterfat with his milking daughters in our herd when compared to their dams. He does tend to shrink test size, which can be desirable or undesirable depending on the doe he is bred to. Sire of Naoise, Niamh, Saoirse, and Sibin.

    Linden was collected by Blue Mountain Genetics so he can continue to be a part of our breeding program in the future. 5-10 straws from our personal tank are available for sale or trade depending on the circumstance. 

     LA: 4-03 89 VEV (E in head, shoulders, back & rump)

Pictures of Jasmine, Azalea, Jax, Haiku, and Minty courtesy of Lucky*Star LaManchas; photo of Larkspur courtesy of Rustic Wood's LaManchas

*B (pending) Rustic Wood's OK Keahilani 1-5-22 A/E Casein & DNA ~AGS dual registered Sold

     Keahilani was a surprise addition to our herd. We were in need of fresh genes for our tiny herd and an opportunity arose to purchase this young buckling unexpectedly. He is beautifully long and has an incredibly wide chest with wrinkly, dairy skin to spare. His bloodlines are well known and based on his first kids; he has blended beautifully with our girls. His dam had a total of 7 grand champion wins and 2 BJDIS awards as well as milking 3,380lbs as a first freshener, earning #5 for protein and #7 for butterfat in the 2021 Top Ten! His maternal granddam, Nevaeh, earned #1 for production and protein, #2 for butterfat in the 2021 Top Ten after her 5,100lb lactation! Some serious milk behind this guy! His sire is a son of the lovely SGCH 3*M Olentangy LSX Emerald 92 EEEE, who won her class at Nationals 2 years in a row, including a 1st place udder win. Keahilani (kay-hee-law-nee) is Hawaiian for "heaven's fire", but our children have given him the barn name of Mack. We have seen an improvement in substance of bone, diary/pliable skin, lateral attachments, and hoof depth. His offspring are very young so their strength and weaknesses are still being uncovered. Sire of Rioghnach, Roisin Dubh, and Seadna. 
    He was collected by Blue Mountain Genetics so that he can continue to be part of our breeding program in the future. 5-10 straws are available from our personal tank for sale or trade, depending on the circumstance. 

     LA 1-06 86 VVV

Pictures of Heaven, Kilauea, Ecstasy, and Nevaeh courtesy of Rustic Woods. Picture of Emerald courtesy of Olentangy Alpines.