Irish Blessing RK Seadna Mor 3-30-24

      Seadna Mor is the long awaited and last doe kid of Fable. We will put more up as she unfolds and we get to know her. Seadna Mor (Shay-nah-More) is an Irish form of poetry. 

Irish Blessing LL Sibin 3-30-24 A/A Casein

Sibin (she-bean) is Irish for homemade or bootleg whiskey and this spicy shot of a goat is just that. We didn't plan to keep kids from our yearlings but our older girls didn't cooperate with our herd growing plan this year. Sibin is A/A casein by parentage. We will put more as we get to know this little firecracker. 

Irish Blessing LL Saoirse 4-01-24 A/A Casein

    Coming soon! Saoirse (pronounced sear-sha) means Liberty.